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Use the dropper at the top of the screen to drop colored balls onto the playing field, and use special, discolored "bomb" balls to clear connected groups of the same color. (When colorblind mode is enabled (you'll find the toggle by clicking on "setup"), "bomb" balls are marked with a 4-pointed star symbol.)


  • Arrow keys - Move the dropper left and right
  • Z - Drop balls
  • Enter - Start a new game or restart a game in progress
  • Q - Return to the title screen (or reload the title screen, if you're weird)
  • P - Toggle fullscreen mode


"The Alchemist" and "Revenge of the Cats" by Skaven 252 / Skaven (tracks from his Future Crew days) [BANDCAMP] [OLD HOMEPAGE]

Game over music (not credited): "Lol U Died" by Diabolo-ical. [LINK]

If you want your music removed from my game or replaced, just ask! I'll get some royalty free music (or music that people won't mind being used for non-commercial use) or just make and add my own.

Foreground texture by arikel. [LINK]
Background image by Nikita Lyamkin. [LINK]

Game created using Stencyl and Pixly.

Side Notes:

This game is purely a hobby project, therefore it is and always will be completely free to play. No ads, no payments, absolutely nothing of the sort.

Keep in mind that, for some ungodly reason, the save system provided by Stencyl does not appear to work properly when playing in a browser. It works on the standalone Flash Player, but not here. Be sure to write down your best score somewhere before leaving the page, or you might lose it!

Current Version: Beta 2 (internally) / Public Beta 1

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